Ukrainian-style dry-cured shoulder – 20$/pound

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Ukrainian-style dry-cured pork shoulder is an exquisite meat product prepared according to a traditional Ukrainian recipe. It is made from high-quality pork that is carefully marinated in a special salt mixture and seasonings, and then dried and cured until it reaches the perfect taste and texture. Ukrainian-style dry-cured pork shoulder is characterized by a tender, mild flavor with subtle hints of spices and a smoky aroma. It is an excellent choice for serving as an appetizer with beer, slicing for festive occasions, or simply enjoying every day.

5 reviews for Ukrainian-style dry-cured shoulder – 20$/pound

  1. Charles

    WOW! Very aromatic and juicy. It tasted like grandma’s. I will definitely buy again.

  2. James

    I recently had the pleasure of trying the dry-cured shoulder, and it was an absolute delight.

    The texture was perfection, with the meat being tender yet with a satisfying chewiness that added to its character.

    What truly impressed me was the authenticity of its preparation. It felt like a taste of Ukraine, transporting me to a cozy countryside farmhouse with each mouthful. Whether enjoyed on its own as a savory snack or incorporated into a charcuterie spread, this shoulder is sure to elevate any dining experience.

  3. Jonny

    I was blown away by the quality of this Ukrainian-style dry-cured shoulder. It’s packed with flavor and makes for an impressive centerpiece at any meal. Delivered quickly to doorstep.

  4. Elizabeth

    This meat is simply a real masterpiece! Balanced taste, excellent quality and surprisingly delicate aftertaste make it an ideal choice for special occasions. I am now your regular customer)

  5. Samantha

    This meat is simply amazing. I am delighted with its taste and aroma. Suitable for both everyday dinner and special occasions.

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