Set of goodies maxi №1 (ribs, balyk, bacon, sausage, wings, bacon wrapped)

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Dive into a feast of flavors with our generous set of goodies:

Ribs (2 pounds): Indulge in the succulent tenderness of our smoked ribs, where each mouthful is a symphony of smokiness and rich, savory notes.

Balyk (2 pounds): Experience the Ukrainian tradition with our meticulously smoked balyk, offering a perfect harmony of flavors and a velvety texture.

Bacon (2 pounds): Savor the crispy and aromatic delight of our premium smoked bacon, an irresistible addition to your culinary repertoire.

Sausage (2 pounds): Delight your palate with our expertly smoked sausage, a perfect blend of savory goodness and smoky undertones.

Wings (2 pounds): Enjoy the juicy goodness of our smoked wings, where each piece is a delectable combination of succulence and bold smokiness.

Bacon Wrapped (2 pounds): Immerse yourself in the luxurious experience of our bacon-wrapped delights, where the smoky essence embraces every bite.

This bountiful set promises a gastronomic journey filled with diverse textures and a symphony of smoky flavors, creating a memorable dining experience.

Total: 12 pounds.

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7 reviews for Set of goodies maxi №1 (ribs, balyk, bacon, sausage, wings, bacon wrapped)

  1. William C.

    Having tried various smoked meat assortments in the past, I can confidently say that this set of smoked goodies stands out from the rest.

    Ribs were perfectly smoked, with just the right amount of tenderness and flavor.

    The rich, savory flavor of the balyk was complemented beautifully by the smoky undertones. Thank you, I will take it again and again!

  2. Alexey

    Absolutely loved the variety in this smoked goodies set)) The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, the black hand just the right amount of smokiness. A definite must-try for any meat lover! Delivery was absolutely free!

  3. Max Dyvydenko

    The set of goodies is a carnivore’s dream, featuring a delectable assortment of meats that are perfect for any occasion. I will buy more!

  4. Maria Kuznetsova

    The combination of ribs, balyk, bacon, sausage, wings, and bacon-wrapped treats offers a mouthwatering variety of flavors and textures. It’s a must-have for any meat lover’s feast! I liked it very much!

  5. Kinsley

    This set of smoked goodies is simply amazing! Very tasty sausages and wings, just like my grandmother made! I will definitely recommend it to my friends!

  6. Anna

    The sausages and wings were incredible! The smoke aroma and taste are simply magical. I’ll definitely be back for this set!

  7. Sergey

    It was very tasty, thank you!

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