Set of goodies mini №16 (Homemade sausage, tenderloin, balyk, knitted bacon, shoulder in Ukrainian-style)

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Imagine a selection of fresh, flavorful smoked deli meats that just melt in your mouth.

This set contains the most delicious and juicy pieces for your table: Our famous homemade sausage, made with love and care for every ingredient.

A flavorful tenderloin that just melts on your tongue. Balyk that’s so juicy and flavorful you’ll want more. Irresistible knitted bacon is a true masterpiece of meat cooking.

And, of course, our shoulder in Ukrainian-style, which seems to immerse you in an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. All this adds up to five pounds of absolute delight!

Homemade sausage – 1 pound
Tenderloin – 1 pound
Balyk – 1 pound
Bacon knitted – 1 pound
Shoulder in Ukrainian-style – 1 pound

Total 5 pounds.

5 reviews for Set of goodies mini №16 (Homemade sausage, tenderloin, balyk, knitted bacon, shoulder in Ukrainian-style)

  1. Katty

    The homemade sausage had a perfect blend of spices, and the Ukrainian-style shoulder brought back fond memories of traditional flavors. Highly recommend trying this assortment for a true gourmet experience.
    I will take it more than once.

  2. Jennifer

    The set exceeded my expectations in every way. Each component, from the knitted bacon to the balyk, showcased exceptional craftsmanship and rich, authentic flavors.

  3. Dasha

    Indulged in the set of goodies and couldn’t be happier! The Ukrainian-style shoulder and other was rich and flavorful. A true treat for any meat lover! 5+++

  4. Thomas

    The homemade sausage had a perfect snap, and the Ukrainian-style shoulder transported me to the heart of Eastern Europe.

    Definitely the highest score, thank you for a quality product.

  5. Mike

    The set was a culinary delight! The knitted bacon was a standout, crispy yet tender, while the balyk offered a rich, savory experience.

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