Set of goodies mini №13 (Homemade sausage, bacon, balyk, knitted bacon, ribs)

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This exclusive assortment of smoked meats perfectly blends five diverse flavors and textures, offering you a unique immersion into the world of culinary delights.

Tender slices of homemade sausage, soft and succulent, unveil a richness of taste with every bite, as if inviting you to a traditional family celebration. Bacon, with its exquisite flavor and appetizing aroma, adds an unparalleled charm to this set, beckoning you to a feast of luxury and indulgence.

Continuing your culinary journey, you indulge in the tenderness of the balyk, delicate and uniquely aromatic, as if a gift from nature itself. The intricately crafted tied bacon serves as a true masterpiece, adding sophistication and allure to this set.

Finally, juicy ribs, smoked to perfection, deliver an exhilarating sensation of flavor saturation and satisfaction.

This smoked meat set is more than just a dish; it’s a true journey through flavors and aromas, filling the home with warmth and coziness, and the table with festive abundance.

Homemade sausage – 1 pound
Bacon – 1 pound
Balyk – 1 pound
Tied bacon – 1 pound
Ribs – 1 pound

Total weight: 5 pounds.

7 reviews for Set of goodies mini №13 (Homemade sausage, bacon, balyk, knitted bacon, ribs)

  1. Kinsley

    Fantastic selection of smoked meats in this set. The homemade sausage and bacon were top-notch, and the ribs were incredibly tender. Great value for the price.

  2. Olivia

    Indulging in the set was an absolute pleasure. The homemade sausage was rich and flavorful, while the bacon had just the right amount of smokiness. The balyk and ribs were both tender and delicious. Love it so much!!

  3. Ethan

    The goodies exceeded my expectations! Each item was flavorful and expertly smoked. Whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a quiet night in, this set is a must-have for meat enthusiasts.

  4. Michelle

    The homemade sausage had a rich, hearty flavor, and the bacon was perfectly crispy. I will take it again and again!

  5. Jason

    I absolutely loved it! The sausage was delicious, the bacon was perfectly smoked, and the knitted bacon was a fun addition. Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys quality smoked meats.

  6. Jessica


    The set is a meat lover’s paradise! Each item, from the homemade sausage to the knitted bacon, is bursting with flavor. Perfect for a snack or a gourmet meal, this set is sure to impress.

  7. John

    The set is an absolute delight for any meat lover. The bacon, balyk, and ribs are all expertly smoked to perfection, offering a harmonious balance of smokiness and tenderness. Highly recommended for anyone craving premium-quality smoked meats.

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