Set of goodies medium №20 (Homemade sausage, bacon, balyk, tenderloin, ribs, chicken drumsticks, beef)

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Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite tastes with our exquisite selection of smoked meat created for true connoisseurs of culinary art. In this luxurious set you will find:

Homemade sausage, which combines a subtle flavor of spices with a delicate meat taste, as an embodiment of home warmth and coziness.

Exquisite bacon, with its delicious combination of crispy crust and tender meat, adding a special exquisite magic to each dish.

Balyk, unsurpassed in its tenderness and aroma, created with love and skill to satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

Tenderloin, where every bite is a feast for your taste buds, seducing with its rich meat taste and tenderness.

The ribs are prepared according to a special recipe that preserves their succulence, aroma and unique taste, bringing you to the world of pleasure and pleasure.

Chicken legs, perfectly smoked, to give you a unique taste that will be remembered for years.

Beef, natural and fragrant, which will be the main decoration of your table and a source of admiration for your guests.

Homemade sausage – 1 pound
Bacon – 1 pound
Balyk – 1 pound
Tenderloin – 1 pound
Ribs – 1 pound
Chicken drumsticks – 1 pound
Beef – 1 pound

Total 7 pounds.

6 reviews for Set of goodies medium №20 (Homemade sausage, bacon, balyk, tenderloin, ribs, chicken drumsticks, beef)

  1. Daniel

    Loved the set! The balyk and homemade sausage were standouts for me. Perfect for a weekend or adding gourmet touches to everyday meals. Highly recommend!

  2. Thomas

    Absolutely delicious and thoroughly enjoyable! The flavors of goodies are simply irresistible. Each bite is a delight, leaving me craving for more. I can’t get enough of the succulent meats and rich, smoky aromas.

  3. Robert

    I adore the rich, smoky taste of the bacon and the tender perfection of the beef. It’s truly a culinary delight that I find myself enjoying time and time again. 5 stars.

  4. Bobby

    Rich, smoky aroma of the bacon and tender, juicy perfection of the chicken drumsticks and other pieces.

  5. Christina

    The flavors are superb, and I absolutely love it. Every bite is a delight, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates great taste and quality.

  6. Liam

    Love it so much!!! I can’t get enough of its deliciousness!

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