Set of goodies medium №18 (Duck, homemade sausage, tenderloin, bacon, balyk)

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Immerse yourself in a unique world of enjoyment and sophistication with our exquisite smoked meat set. A magnificent two pound duck framed by a flavourful homemade sausage, also two pounds, create a unique combination of flavour and texture.

Tenderloin, one pound, completes this set with its exquisite flavour and unique aroma.

Juicy bacon, another pound of ethereal delight, gives this ensemble a unique twist and promises an explosion of flavours.

Finally, the cherry on the cake of this culinary masterpiece is the one pound bagel, which will plunge you into an ocean of flavour and joy. Just seven pounds of pleasure and sophistication, ready to grace your table and please the most refined gourmets.

Duck – 2 pounds
Homemade sausage – 2 pounds
Tenderloin – 1 pounds
Bacon – 1 pounds
Balyk – 1 pound

Total 7 pounds.

6 reviews for Set of goodies medium №18 (Duck, homemade sausage, tenderloin, bacon, balyk)

  1. Jonny

    This assortment of smoked meats is an absolute delight! Each piece, from the duck to the homemade sausage, tenderloin, bacon, and balyk, offers a unique flavor experience that is both rich and satisfying.

  2. Susan

    Thank you, very tasty, I really liked it.

  3. Barbara

    As a connoisseur of fine foods, I can confidently say that the set exceeded my expectations. The duck was tender, the homemade sausage bursting with flavor, and the balyk simply divine.

  4. Mia

    I recently sampled this meat! Each component was packed with flavor – from the succulent duck to the perfectly seasoned homemade sausage. The tenderloin was incredibly tender, and the bacon and balyk provided a heavenly smoky taste. It’s a gourmet experience that I can’t wait to repeat.

  5. Sergey

    The combination of meats, including the tenderloin and bacon, showcased a level of craftsmanship that’s hard to find. Five stars +

  6. James

    This set is a fantastic choice for true connoisseurs! Duck, homemade sausage, tenderloin, flavorful bacon, and exquisite balyk – it’s the perfect combination of smoked delicacies that simply melt in your mouth. I highly recommend everyone to try it!

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