Set of goodies maxi №23 (Knitted bacon, chicken, feathers, ribs, bacon, balyk, tenderloin, homemade sausage, Ukrainian-style shoulder)

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Presented to you is an exquisite set of smoked meats, compiled with love and craftsmanship to satisfy the most refined tastes.

This set includes:

Knitted bacon – tender and aromatic, it is a real delicacy that delights with its excellent flavour.

Chicken – juicy and tender, each piece of chicken is imbued with a unique smokiness, adding richness to every bite.

Feathers – thinly sliced and delicately smoked, they give the dish a unique flavour and aroma.

Ribs – juicy and flavourful, they are cooked with special attention to every detail to make every bite a real treat.

Bacon – classic and unique in its flavour, it adds sophistication and richness to any dish.

Balyk – tender and soft, it reveals its rich flavour from the very first bite, giving a true gastronomic pleasure.

Tenderloin – tender and juicy, it melts smoothly in the mouth, leaving an aftertaste of delicate and flavourful notes.

Homemade sausage – cooked according to a special recipe, it has a refined taste and unique aroma.

Ukrainian-style shoulder – a traditional Ukrainian dish prepared with love and care, it is a real culinary masterpiece.

Knitted bacon – 1 pound
Chicken – 2 pounds
Feathers – 1 pound
Ribs – 1 pound
Bacon – 1 pound
Balyk – 1 pound
Tenderloin – 1 pound
Homemade sausage – 1 pound
Ukrainian-style shoulder – 1 pound

Total 10 pounds.

6 reviews for Set of goodies maxi №23 (Knitted bacon, chicken, feathers, ribs, bacon, balyk, tenderloin, homemade sausage, Ukrainian-style shoulder)

  1. Sophia

    I was blown away by the variety and quality of the smoked meats in this set of goodies! From the savory knitted bacon to the succulent ribs and tender balyk, each item was a delight to savor. Perfect for a charcuterie board or a hearty meal, I highly recommend this collection to any meat lover out there.

  2. Jacob

    Having sampled various smoked meats from around the world, I can attest that this set stands out for its exceptional quality and authenticity. The balyk was melt-in-your-mouth perfection, and the Ukrainian-style shoulder brought back fond memories of family gatherings. Definitely 5 out of 5!

  3. John

    The chicken was perfectly tender, the bacon crisped to perfection, and the knitted bacon was such a unique and delightful.

  4. Olga

    Thank you, I liked everything very much, I will buy more

  5. Joyce

    Wow, just wow! From the mouthwatering bacon to the irresistible ribs, every item in this collection is top-notch. I especially loved the addition of the feathers, which added a delightful crunch.

  6. Olex

    Absolutely blown away by the quality and variety in this set of smoked meats! From the tender Knitted bacon to the savory homemade sausage, every bite was a flavor explosion. A special shoutout to the Ukrainian-style shoulder for its authentic taste. Highly recommend this set for any meat lover!

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