Set of goodies maxi № 10 (pork loin, sausage, beef, ribs, salted fatback, bacon, tied bacon)

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Discover a variety of flavors in our refined assortment of delights:

Pork Loin (1 pound): The tender and juicy meat of our smoked pork loin provides pleasure to every gastronomy connoisseur, prepared to perfection.

Sausage (1 pound): Explore our flavorful sausage, where intense meaty taste combines with a hint of smoking, offering a unique pleasure.

Beef (1 pound): Immerse yourself in the world of rich taste with our smoked beef, where each piece opens up a new level of gastronomic enjoyment.

Ribs (2 pounds): Allow yourself to enjoy the juiciness and aroma of our smoked ribs, prepared with exceptional attention to detail.

Salted Fatback (1 pound): Discover the tradition of salted fatback, where each slice is filled with a rich taste and aroma of smoking.

Bacon (2 pounds): Immerse yourself in the aroma and crunch of bacon, where each slice is a true delight for your taste buds.

Tied Bacon (2 pounds): Picture the splendor of tied bacon, where each twist is framed by a unique aroma of smoking.

This exquisite set promises you immersion into a world of diverse flavors and the richness of aromas, created exclusively for true connoisseurs.

Total weight: 10 pounds.

5 reviews for Set of goodies maxi № 10 (pork loin, sausage, beef, ribs, salted fatback, bacon, tied bacon)

  1. Anna

    Such a big and delicious set, enough for the whole family. I liked the sausage the most.

  2. Mike Thompson

    The set exceeded all my expectations! An excellent combination of meat and sausage, it will last a long time. Quality products at an affordable price.

  3. Sergey

    I recently purchased the set and was thoroughly impressed! From the succulent pork loin to the flavorful sausage and tender beef ribs, every item exceeded my expectations. The salted fatback and bacon added a delightful touch of richness, while the tied bacon was a unique and delicious treat.

  4. Aleksey

    Juicy pork, aromatic sausage and delicious beef ribs – it’s simply incredible! Very tasty, also free delivery.

  5. Anna Smirnova

    The bacon and tied bacon were absolutely delicious – crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. This set is truly perfect for any event, be it a family dinner or a party with friends. I’m very happy with the purchase and would definitely recommend it to any meat lover!

    Delivered free of charge to your door.

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