Set of goodies maxi №12 (drumsticks, chicken wings, ribs, pork loin, tied bacon, bacon, sausage)

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Our magnificent delights form an exquisite assortment:

Drumsticks (1 pound): Immerse yourself in the smoky delight of our chicken drumsticks, where each bite reveals a perfect balance of crispiness and juicy tenderness.

Chicken Wings (1 pound): Indulge in the juicy tenderness of our smoked chicken wings, where the meat is infused with an intense smoky aroma.

Ribs (2 pounds): Immerse yourself in the world of our smoked ribs, where each piece promises juiciness and an incredible aroma.

Pork Loin (2 pounds): Explore the luxury of our smoked pork loin, where each piece is a true culinary work of art.

Tied Bacon (1 pound): Appreciate the sophistication of our tied bacon, where each spiral offers a bright combination of crunch and smoky aroma.

Bacon (2 pounds): Immerse yourself in the aroma and crunch of your favorite bacon, where each slice becomes a true culinary pleasure.

Sausage (1 pound): Enjoy our sausage, where the intense flavor and aroma of smoking create a unique gastronomic experience.

This set promises you rich experiences and a variety of flavors, providing you with a unique culinary journey.

Total weight: 10 pounds.

5 reviews for Set of goodies maxi №12 (drumsticks, chicken wings, ribs, pork loin, tied bacon, bacon, sausage)

  1. Ivan

    This set of goodies is simply amazing! The chicken wings are juicy, the pork ribs are tender, and the chicken is simply delicious. All my friends were delighted!

  2. Elena Timchenko

    The assortment of meats in this set is fantastic! Whether it’s the juicy chicken wings or the tender pork loin, there’s something for everyone. Highly recommend!

  3. Emily R

    This set is a real gift for meat lovers) Juicy chicken wings, delicious pork ribs and delicious sausage – just a delight. I will order more

  4. jessy

    Thank you for this wonderful set, everything is super!

  5. Alexander

    The set of goodies exceeded all my expectations! All the deli meats were perfectly cooked and infused with aromatic smoke. They also delivered it to your home for free.

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