Set of goodies mini №5 (beef, chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, sirloin, bacon)

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Elevate your culinary experience with our delightful set of goodies:

Beef (1 pound): Immerse yourself in the robust flavor and tenderness of our smoked beef, meticulously prepared for a savory journey.

Chicken Wings (1 pound): Delight in the perfect balance of crispy skin and succulent meat with our smoked chicken wings, a true finger-licking sensation.

Chicken Drumsticks (1 pound): Experience the juicy and smoky goodness of our smoked chicken drumsticks, a delectable treat for poultry lovers.

Sirloin (1 pound): Revel in the bold taste of our smoked sirloin, where premium cuts meet the enchanting essence of smokiness.

Bacon (1 pound): Savor the irresistible combination of crispy texture and smoky aroma in our premium smoked bacon, a culinary delight in every bite.

This carefully curated set promises a harmonious blend of flavors, textures, and smoky notes that will leave your taste buds longing for more.
Total 5 pounds.

5 reviews for Set of goodies mini №5 (beef, chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, sirloin, bacon)

  1. Emily

    I just love this set! Incredibly tasty meat, especially chicken wings – simply tender and juicy in every bite. Great choice for a family dinner!

  2. Ann

    This set is just great! All meat is fresh and of excellent quality. I especially loved the chicken wings!

  3. Brandon

    Delicious assortment! It’s a perfect combination that I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  4. Nick

    This set of goodies is a meat lover’s dream. The variety included – beef, chicken wings, drumsticks, sirloin, and bacon – covers all the bases for a satisfying meal. It’s a convenient option for anyone looking to enjoy quality meat at home.

  5. Jessica K.

    The set is just amazing! I especially liked the chicken wings – juicy and flavorful. And the bacon is just amazingly delicious! Worth the money.

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