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Experience the exquisite flavor of our smoked pork balyk—a culinary delight that showcases the natural richness of pork, expertly enhanced by the alluring touch of smokiness. Each slice is a testament to meticulous smoking, resulting in a harmonious blend of succulence and nuanced flavors.

The balyk, a traditional Ukrainian cured and smoked pork delicacy, offers a delightful combination of savory and smoky notes that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. Whether enjoyed on its own, in sandwiches, or incorporated into various dishes, our smoked pork balyk is a gourmet experience that captures the essence of time-honored craftsmanship.

5 reviews for Pork balyk – $18 / pound

  1. Natalia Ivanova

    I recently tried the smoked pork balyk, and I must say, it’s incredibly flavorful! The smoky aroma is enticing, and the meat itself is tender and succulent. Definitely a new favorite for me!

  2. Anna K.

    This smoked pork balyk is excellent! It has the perfect combination of softness and flavor. Now you have a new regular customer!

  3. John

    Smoked pork balyk is simply a miracle. Very tender and tasty, ideal for sandwiches or just as a snack with beer.

  4. Natasha Titova

    I recently tried this smoked pork balyk, and it’s now a regular item on my shopping list. The flavor is rich and savory, perfect for adding a gourmet touch to any meal.

  5. Ivan Petrov

    Pork balyk is a delightful treat that brings the taste of tradition to the table. Its rich flavor make it a favorite in our household.

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