Knitted bacon – $18 / pound

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Indulge in the unique and artisanal experience of our smoked knitted bacon—a culinary masterpiece that combines the classic appeal of bacon with a touch of craftsmanship. Each intricately woven strip is expertly smoked to create a perfect harmony of crispy texture and smoky flavor.

This knitted bacon not only elevates the taste but also adds an artistic flair to your culinary creations. Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a flavorful accent in dishes, our smoked knitted bacon promises a delightful and visually appealing gastronomic adventure. Taste the artistry in every bite with this distinctive and flavorful bacon variation.

5 reviews for Knitted bacon – $18 / pound

  1. Olga

    Knitted bacon brings a whole new twist to the breakfast table. It’s soft, savory, and strangely satisfying. Very good!

  2. Sarah W.

    Knitted bacon is simply a miracle! Very tasty and unusual. I recommend everyone to try it!

  3. Ann

    This bacon is an amazing combination of traditional bacon taste with an unusual texture. Very tasty and original! Definitely a new favorite in my house!

  4. Sasha

    I was intrigued by the concept of smoked knitted bacon, and it definitely exceeded my expectations! The combination of smokiness and unique texture makes it a standout treat.

  5. Johnson

    Bacon is a fun and tasty treat! The texture is unique, with a slightly softer bite compared to regular bacon. It’s a creative option for adding a twist to breakfast or garnishing dishes with a touch of whimsy.

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