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The feather of the scapula is the area that is located next to the animal’s shoulder blade. It is considered one of the most tender and delicious.

Thanks to its texture and taste, this meat can be the basis of a variety of dishes, adding sophistication and flavor to them. The feather of the scapular part is one of those few delicacies that perfectly combines softness and juiciness, making it attractive to gourmets.

Its delicate texture makes it an excellent choice for preparing a variety of culinary delights.

5 reviews for Feathers – $17/pound

  1. Alicia

    Excellent quality! The beef feather has a tender texture and rich flavor. I’ve used it for making broths, soups, and various meat dishes, and the result has always been superb.

  2. Michael

    The quality of the feather is unparalleled. I’ve tried various cuts of meat in the past, but none have matched the tenderness and flavor profile of this product.

  3. Sarah

    The quality of the feather is exceptional! As someone who prioritizes sourcing high-quality ingredients, I can confidently say that this product meets the mark.

  4. George

    I’m truly impressed by the superior quality of the feather. It’s evident that the meat is sourced from premium cuts, as it’s incredibly tender and juicy.

  5. Ann

    The beef feather is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been searching for a high-quality product like this for my culinary experiments, and this feather has exceeded my expectations. It has an excellent taste and texture, perfect for preparing a variety of dishes. Highly recommended

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