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Indulge in the savory perfection of our smoked bacon, a culinary delight that combines the rich, smoky essence with the crispy texture of premium bacon. Each slice is a testament to the art of smoking, creating a mouthwatering experience that elevates this beloved classic to new heights.

Whether enjoyed as part of a hearty breakfast, added to sandwiches, or incorporated into your favorite dishes, our smoked bacon promises to be a flavorful addition to your culinary repertoire. Immerse yourself in the delicious world of expertly smoked bacon, where each bite is a symphony of taste and aroma.

6 reviews for Bacon – $18 / pound

  1. Michael Brown

    I’ve tried many brands of bacon, but this smoked one stands out for its rich, smoky taste. Perfect for enhancing any dish.

  2. Sergei

    I loved the taste of this smoked bacon, it’s simply unbeatable! Also, special thanks for the fast delivery right to your door. I will order more

  3. Tyler J.

    This smoked bacon is simply fantastic. It has a great smoky flavor without being overpowering with just the right balance of fat and meat. It’s perfect for breakfast alongside eggs or in sandwiches for lunch. Overall, it’s a high-quality bacon that I highly recommend.

  4. Linda Jackson

    The taste is fantastic, I will buy more!

  5. Alex L

    I recently served this smoked bacon at a brunch gathering, and it was a hit with everyone! The smoky aroma filled the air, and the taste was even better. Thank you!

  6. Anna

    This smoked bacon has just the right balance of smokiness and savory goodness.

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