In Everett, Washington, there is a unique family business that is a shining representative of Ukrainian culinary culture in the United States. Wademol’s founders, Dmitry and Olga, brought a piece of Ukraine into American homes by offering delicious smoked delicacies. Their story began just a year and a half ago, when the family was forced to move from Kharkov to the United States due to the outbreak of a full-scale war after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

At home in Kharkov, Dmitry and Olga have been producing smoked meats for more than 15 years, gaining incredible experience and love for their work. They decided to apply this wealth of experience in their new home, in the USA, by founding the Wademol company. In a short time, they not only adapted to a new life, but were also able to create a thriving business, giving local residents the opportunity to enjoy real high-quality Ukrainian smoked products.

Dmitry, thanks to his deep understanding and love of the art of smoking, continues to improve time-tested recipes. Each Wademol product is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only fresh ingredients and natural spices, making them the ideal choice for quality food lovers.

Wademol’s core product range includes lard, chicken, sausages, ham and balyk, which are delivered throughout America, making Ukrainian delicacies accessible to a wide range of consumers. Dmitry and Olga’s desire for high quality and maintaining the traditions of Ukrainian cooking allow them to stand out from other producers and win the hearts of an increasing number of Americans.

Quality control at every stage of production remains a constant priority for Wademol. Dmitry and Olga carefully monitor the process from the selection of ingredients to the final packaging, thus ensuring only the best products for their customers. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence allows the company to maintain and expand its reputation among consumers.

Wademol plans to expand its business and open new sales points in major US cities where a significant number of Ukrainians live, such as New York and Chicago. Dmitry and Olga hope that their products will become an integral part of America’s cultural and culinary diversity.

Wademol is not just a business, it is the story of a family that, despite all the difficulties, was able to find the strength to start over in a new country, preserving and sharing its traditions and love for Ukrainian cuisine. They proved that food can be a bridge between cultures, bringing people of different nationalities together around the same table.